Our highly skilled and experienced operatives are trained to provide discreet surveillance for following the subject of an investigation. We provide surveillance in many types of cases: private investigations, child custody, marriage, insurance, and criminal matters.

Superior Investigations

For more then 40 years, ACTA-PANNELL has proven our skills and reputation in undercover surveillances, private investigations, and investigations!
Please contact us for all your investigations!

Additionally, the following services can be utilized to thoroughly investigate a claim:

  • Interview witnesses, claimants and parties involved
  • Witness Locating
  • Secure comprehensive signed statements
  • Gather expert photographic and videotape evidence
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Legal photography
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Locate
  • Background Research

The following information can be supplied as needed:

  • Judgement Searches
  • Title & property searches
  • Drivers license checks
  • License plate lookups
  • Bank Account Information
  • Corporate searches
  • Income verification

Insurance Investigations, Locate Investigations & more in the Houston area


Our surveillance investigation services are second to none. We utilize state of the art equipment in the hands of experienced investigators to gather facts and information about claimants, employees, and spouses. Our highly skilled and experienced operatives have been trained to provide a discreet system for following the subject of an investigation. Generally, one to two operatives will be deployed in the following types of cases: matrimonial, corporate investigations, insurance, child-custody, and criminal matters.

Photography and Videotaping

Photography and Videotaping

We offer a full range of video and photographic services. Telephoto close-up photography, as well as other special needs, are expertly handled. Our agency offers a full compliment of videotaping services for surveillance, personal injury cases, security and loss prevention, depositions, wills, and "Day In The Life" presentations. Monitoring and viewing equipment can be set up for office or courtroom presentations.

Pannell Undercover Surveillance

Undercover Surveillance

Unmarked vehicles equipped with night-vision devices, as well as videotaping equipment, are also available. We have the flexibility and resources to provide our clients with the services of a sole operative or those of a complete surveillance team. Surveillance often times is the most revealing method of determining the truth in any given situation.

For example, many long-term disability and compensation cases carry a tremendous amount of exposure. Surveillance of a claimant can save considerable sums of money by terminating undeserved benefits.

Pannell Financial/Asset Investigation

Corporate Intelligence

The competitive nature of business, as well as the constant change in the economy, has created a vital need for investigative assistance for businesses of all sizes. Our corporate investigations cover the areas of industrial espionage, theft, mismanagement, and patent/trademark infringement. ACTA-PANNELL provide the following services to cut losses and to restore profitability to your company.

  • Undercover operatives
  • Employee interviews/interrogations
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Security consulting
  • Site investigations
  • Asset investigations for mergers and acquisitions
  • Theft deterrence
  • Executive protection
  • Executive protection and emergency preparedness
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking
Undercover Investigations

Counter Surveillance / Debugging

Our technicians utilize state of the art electronic detection equipment for countermeasure sweeps to identify unauthorized listening and eavesdropping over telephone lines and video cameras, in offices, homes or vehicles. A thorough physical search is combined with technical electronic sweeps.

Equipment such as spectrum analyzers, non-linear junction detectors, time domain reflectometers and radio frequency locators are deployed to assure your privacy. To locate wiretaps, all phone instuments and lines are checked to detect rewiring and tampering. Tests include triple-tone generator, on and off hook analysis, which identifies the location of the tap.

Electronic Vehicle Tracking

This agency's data communication services enable us to locate vehicles from a computer workstation. The system can monitor vehicle locations on detailed maps on a computer screen twenty-four hours a day.

In addition, this agency can print out a history log of all known locations of a vehicle over a given period. This technology is often utilized in cases involving surveillance.

Divorce / Child Custody

We can help you find and document the facts that can protect your children and financial interests. Peace of mind sometimes means everything.

ACTA-PANNELL is Fully Licensed and Insured Private Investigation Agency License #C-1633 All of our agents are fingerprinted and registered with the Texas Department of Safety Private Security Bureau