Our highly skilled and experienced operatives are trained to provide discreet surveillance for following the subject of an investigation. We provide surveillance in many types of cases: private investigations, child custody, marriage, insurance, and criminal matters.

Superior Investigations

For more then 40 years, ACTA-PANNELL has proven our skills and reputation in undercover surveillances, private investigations, and investigations!
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Additionally, the following services can be utilized to thoroughly investigate a claim:

  • Interview witnesses, claimants and parties involved
  • Witness Locating
  • Secure comprehensive signed statements
  • Gather expert photographic and videotape evidence
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Legal photography
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Locate
  • Background Research

The following information can be supplied as needed:

  • Judgement Searches
  • Title & property searches
  • Drivers license checks
  • License plate lookups
  • Bank Account Information
  • Corporate searches
  • Income verification

Divorce Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Civil & more in Houston


One of your most important decisions is to find a private investigator who has the skill, experience, and depth of knowledge to provide a more effective and responsive investigation. Whether you need asset searches, infidelity investigations, or office sweeps, ACTA-PANNELL can help.


We specialize in pre-trial investigation and case preparation for insurance companies, corporations, attorneys, and individuals. Investigations are handled expertly anywhere in the world. Our services range from Criminal Investigations and Defense, Personal Injury Documentation (statements, photographs, diagrams, videotape), Environmental Law, Patent and Trademark Infringement, Entertainment and Record Industry Matters, Matrimonial and Child Custody, as well as, other types of legal investigation. We can come to your assistance in last minute emergencies, travel worldwide on short notice, and provide you with a comprehensive report, outlining our findings, complete with all documents, photographs and other evidence. As always, results are what counts, not merely efforts, and we obtain results ... fast.

Pannell Legal Processing Services

Insurance Investigations

Through highly technical photographic and videotaped surveillances, unmarked surveillance vehicles, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and experienced skilled investigators, we will obtain the necessary proof of an exaggerated or fraudulent claim.

A fully detailed report outlining our visual observations is provided. Our monitoring equipment is available in our offices for your review of any video film footage obtained. Copies can be made available for your use. We preserve the original video at out facility for future use in court or duplication.

Pannell Legal Processing Services

Financial/Asset Investigation

Disclaimer ACTA-PANNELL and vendors utilized by ACTA-PANNELL in preparing reports and other materials in any, and all investigations , maintain its full compliance with the FCRA, GLB and the DPPA

We have developed a high level of resources and information as well as many financial data bases that allow us to accurately and quickly locate assets for judgement cases, marital awards, and corporate "white collar" criminal cases. Our investigators can locate virtually anyone, anywhere, for service of process, witness statements, and interviews. Our success rate for locating individuals is over eighty-five percent ... which is the best in the industry. Whether you are attempting to satisfy an unpaid judgement, looking to increase or decrease alimony payments based on differential circumstances, or checking backgrounds of individuals or corporations for a merger, acquisition, or other reason, we can provide you with answers to the questions.

Background Investigations

The types of background investigations listed above are routine in scope. Considerably more involved and detailed background information can be developed depending on your individual requirements.

  • Verification of Employment
  • Verification of Education
  • Judgement Search
  • Driver's License Records
  • References/Interviews
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Financial Profile
  • Investigation/Verification of Assets
  • Civil Suits
Undercover Investigations

Undercover Investigations

Extensive information can be obtained on a long-term basis through the confidential placement of undercover operatives (working as regular employees) in your warehouse, store, or office. Our undercover program is tailored to our client's specific needs. Daily verbal and weekly written reports are compiled on subjects such as theft, morale problems, mismanagement, and drug abuse.

ACTA-PANNELL is Fully Licensed and Insured Private Investigation Agency License #C-1633 All of our agents are fingerprinted and registered with the Texas Department of Safety Private Security Bureau